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Ubuntour is derived from the word UBUNTU. Ubuntu is the Nguni language word for “ humanity” or "humanity towards others”. In South Africa we use it as a description for sharing and caring for all humanity.

Our UBUNtours are all about learning through experience. Take the plunge and immerse yourself in a different world. Travel and communicate with other people, without prejudgment, but with understanding. There is nothing like being among people of different cultures, to take a step into a world not yet discovered by yourself and within yourself.

Join us and develop a love for other cultures and different lifestyles. Appreciate the old and the new. Living with purpose and intent creates a new set of education values.


What we do:

The friendly UBUNtour team will take you on a journey of discovery that includes our diverse wildlife, our unique cultures, our extremely beautiful landscapes, our very good food and wine and off course all the insights into life in this special part of Africa. 

We use only specialised, experienced and qualified full-time guides to facilitate your journey. Our guides are a treasure trove of knowledge, fun and professionalism and will make out such a big part of your journey.

Our vehicles are perfect for use by travellers of all ages. When possible and applicable, we also use open game viewing vehicles (in the National Parks for game drives - wildlife viewing from a vehicle) as well as other forms of transport including boats, canoes, bicycles and our very own feet.

We cater for any and all dietary requirements. Our food is always freshly prepared by your guide or by the accommodation that we are using. You will probably leave Africa a few kilograms heavier ;-)

We supply you with a branded Toerboer 750 ml water bottle to be used along the journey. We have water available to top up your bottle as regularly as you need in order to save on unnessecary plastic bottle wastage.

UBUNtour supports, through our Nikeza programme (a local isiZulu word meaning “To Give”), the following initiatives: Greenpop and EcoChildren.

We strive to show you unique landscapes and eco-friendly accommodations along your journey. We use only personally chosen accommodation venues that suite our values and fits with our brand.


 You can expect the most exciting, safe and fun activities while on tour with UBUNtour. 



  • South Africa
  • Namibia
  • Botswana
  • Mauritius
  • Victoria Falls
  • Seychelles

What time of the year:

Spring and Summer: Summer is a beautiful time to be around in Southern Africa. The plantlife is lush and green. Birds are in full plumage. In late summer the young animals show up and make for great viewing. The days are warm to hot and the evenings mild to warm. Summer is the rainy season so make sure to bring a raincoat. Drink enough water during summer and make sure to wear a hat and sunscreen. Malaria does occur in some areas of region and we recommend that you talk with your medical doctor to make sure he prescribes the correct prophalaxis. The risk is low to medium and relatively limited to Spring and Summer. Summer in Cape Town is really beautiful with long hot days. 


Autumn and Winter: Winter is the best time for game viewing as there are less foliage on the trees therefore it is easier to spot the animals. There is also less water around so animals tend to congregate around waterholes. Winter nights can be cold, but the days are always mild and sunny. The exception off course is Cape Town as it is a Winter rainfall area. Winter is normally also the busy season and bookings need to be made early.


Book with UBUNtour:

Welcome! You are at the right place. To make sure that you plan correctly and book the right tour, we suggest that you set up a Skype meeting with Dawid de Wet (owner) or Karlien de Wet (marketing manager). We call this Toer-time and we suggest an hour to talk through your requests, dates, plans, etc. 


Ignite your passion for learning and teaching while enjoying a journey of discovery with UBUNtour. 


2018 Fair Trade Tourism - 18 Day South African Discovery

Toerboer has, from the outset, focused on not only being a financially viable and sustainable business, but also an environmentally and culturally sensitive one. We are 85% paperless, recycle all our office waste and as far as possible our waste on tour, provide travellers with a custom 750 ml water bottle to use for the duration of the tour (and after) to be filled by larger water containers to avoid the use of a multitude of small water bottles and we also support various organisations like EcoChildren and Greenpop in our endeavour to return blessings. And therefore we have decided on this stunning Fair Trade approved hand crafted itinerary.   We have designed this itinerary according to the specifications laid out by Fair Trade Tourism. Fair Trade Tourism is a non-profit organisation promoting best practice, responsible tourism in Africa. The Fair Trade Tourism certification label represents best-practice responsible tourism – defined by fair wages and working conditions, fair purchasing and operations, equitable distribution of benefits and respect for human rights, culture and the environment.   Toerboer supports the efforts of Fair Trade Tourism by making use of Fair Trade certified accommodation as well as activity providers. We strongly believe in the notion that the best way to affect change is to start in your community and in supporting these suppliers, we are helping to affect the change that we would like to see in the world, and by joining us on this magnificent journey, you are making a difference as well.      
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Cape Town Art Tour

This tour falls under Toerboer’s Sub - Division: UBUNtour. Ubuntour is derived from the word UBUNTU. Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu term meaning "humanity". It is often also translated as "humanity towards others", but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity"   Our UBUNtours are all about learning through experience. Immersing yourself in a different world. Travelling and communicating with other people, without prejudgment, and understanding. There is nothing like being among people of different cultures, to take a step into a world not yet discovered in yourself. Develop a love for other cultures and lifestyles. Appreciate the old and the new. Living with Purpose and intent is the new education.   Ignite your passion for learning and teaching.     Things to know Before you go   • We will be making use of private, public and Uber as means of transport throughout the tour. • Accommodation is based on same sex, multi-rooms with private bathrooms for learners and Private Twin Rooms for Teachers. • Cape Town in June is cool during the day and cold in the evenings. Pack accordingly. • You’ll be doing a lot of walking – pack comfortable clothes and shoes. • Read up: During this tour you will visit a number of galleries and urban art sites. Educate yourself. • You’ll be painting a mural in Khayelitsha and doing an art Workshop in Woodstock. Pack old clothes, an apron or overall . • Be ‘culturally aware‘ and adapt the way you travel. You will visit very diverse neighbourhoods of Cape Town. • Travel the UBUNtour way: "Travel and communication with other people, without prejudgment, and with understanding. Nothing allows you to take a step into a world not yet discoverd in yourself like being among people of different cultures."