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Toerboer is a vibrant and environmentally conscious adventure and expedition tour specialist. We pride ourselves on our heritage and love for the continent.


Toerboer is an experienced outfitter in organised expeditions and touring and have stories as many as the stars to tell around the campfire. Indulge yourself in a personal travel experience with the Toerboer team.


Our story starts in 1836 when the Voortrekkers loaded their ox-wagons and trekked into the South African interior from the coastal areas. They were self-sufficient and adventurous people whom we call the original overlanders. Today, Toerboer continues their journey and would love to take you along on our journeys to not only experience but immerse yourself, in your surroundings. You will feel like you belong. And you will yearn for more. 


Come and experience and love Africa the way we experience and love it. Become a local and travel with us as a family.


Get in touch with us today by using the form below, calling or sending a WhatsApp to +27 (0) 82 329 2983 or sending an email to willem@toerboer.co.za. We can even chat on Facebook - click here or you can reach us on skype: toerboer


Dawid is a passionate and adventurous traveller, who has led overland safaris for more than a decade to destinations such as South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Madagascar. He also spent two minutes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo but this is part of a longer story that he will share with you around the campfire.


Dawid has post-graduate degrees in Journalism and Wildlife Management (with a focus on community-based natural resource management) and has extensive knowledge of working with local communities. He also loves writing about his travels and taking photos on tour. He has a real passion for rivers, hence the Toerboer river cleaning and monitoring projects.


He is also an avid mountain biker and hiker and thrives on the extremes that South Africa has to offer. Dawid’s family roots in South Africa go as far back as 1679 when the first of his forefathers arrived in South Africa from the Netherlands. He hails from the pioneers that initiated The Great Trek. Today he continues that legacy.


Contact Dawid today: dawid@toerboer.co.za | +27 (0) 83 538 2865. | Skype: toerboer


Willem is passionate about people. He loves to make new and meaningful connections with people from all walks of life. He has worked as a freelance photographer for more than 8 years and he maintains his passion for photography.


Willem is intrigued by Africa, it’s people and the amazing landscapes.


His experience as a photographer has taken him all around Southern Africa as well as Zanzibar and Mauritius.


Contact Willem today: willem@toerboer.co.za | +27 (0) 82 329 2983 | Skype: willem.potgieter28