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Compared to 6 weeks ago, Namibia is green and lush. The landscape is inviting as always, but different. Except for the harsh Namib desert - status Quo remains. 14542516_1266861566669276_43708770455451719_o The young animals that has been dropped in the beginning of the year look more at ease within the bigger herds. Lush vegetation and colourful birds (migrants and otherwise in full plumage), butterflies and the occasional flower is a feast for the eye. After an extended drought, some parts of the country has filled up with water. The area between Etosha National Park’s northern boundary and the border with Angola has filled up like a giant shallow lake. It seems that the history of millions of years past has repeated itself. For man, the water that was so much needed, now makes it difficult for people to live. Water is everywhere. Some houses are flooded as are almost all of the farmlands. Yet, when we visited the Ruacana Falls, it was bone dry. The authorities did not release any water during our visit. [gallery ids="35,36,34" type="rectangular"] The Epupa Falls on the other hand was breathtaking and loud. We also went on a sunset river cruise from Kunene River Lodge and stopped on the opposite bank for a drink. It was my first brief visit to Angola. I’m sure there will be more. The roads leading north to the Kunene was not in relatively good condition, although driving was slow as there are a multitude of little streams that cut accross the roads. Off course we had to visit the local Himba village for our friends on this African Safari from Germany and the USA to better understand and appreciate their way of living. The Erongo Mountains was as beautiful as always. Vingerklip was silhouetted between a hot earth and a stormy and dark sky. Twyfelfontein, the Petrified Forest and Swakopmund were also on our itinerary. As far as the south goes, our visit to the green Kalahari was a great start to this journey. The grass was knee-high and green. The wildlife happy and content and the birds chirpy. From here we descended down the escarp to the Namib Rand and we encountered a different picture. With very little rain compared to the rest of the country, this was still pretty much desert. The Tsauchab River was in flood just a week before, but few remnants remained. The silence and eery beauty of Sossusvlei and Deadvlei in the early morning remains a highlight of any tour to Namibia. [gallery ids="40,37,38,33" type="square" columns="4"] Our final two days was spent in luxury at Okonjima. On the way there we spotted two brown hyenas in full daylight - it was a first for me and a great farewell present to the group. Once again Namibia played its magic trick - it is a country that demands attention. Go on and visit this land of earth, sky and light. Toerboer is registered with the Namibian Tourism Board and caters for every type of traveler. Whether you prefer camping, budget or luxury accommodation we build custom itineraries to your liking. Contact us today for more info.

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