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There is no better way to clear your mind than on an extreme hike in nature. But we don’t only do wilderness, we love to meet the local characters along the way and hang out in the small villages that we pass.


Our mountain biking tours combines a colourful blend of adventure, sweat, gears and fun. We visit out-of-the-way areas on our two wheels, meet the local characters and build lasting friendships.

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Our motorbike tours are self-sufficient tours (either camping or lodging) and caters for the intermediate to experienced riders. For the less-experienced and slower drivers, take it slow safari on the African Taxi Bike. Also try our Royal Enfield tours for a drive down memory lane.

4X4 Safari Tours

Bring your own vehicle and enjoy the ultimate freedom. This is all about you, your vehicle and the elements. It is a chance to test your off-road driving skills and enjoy the best southern Africa has to offer in remote and secluded destinations.


There is no better way for the experienced traveller to enjoy and get to know our part of the continent than a Toerboer Slow Tour. Remove your watch and live by the stars and the sun. Go home refreshed, revived and rejuvinated. And with an in-depth knowledge of your surroundings. Who knows, maybe you’ll stay behind.

About Us

Toerboer is a vibrant and environmentally conscious adventure and expedition tour specialist. We pride ourselves on our heritage and love for the continent. Toerboer is an experienced outfitter in organised expeditioning and touring and have stories as many as the stars to tell around the campfire. Indulge yourself in a personal travel experience with the Toerboer team.

Touring is what we do best. It is what we know and love and we want to share that passion with you, our client. We will take you along on our journeys to not only experience, but immerse yourself, in your surroundings. You will feel like you belong. And you will yearn for more. Once you’ve tasted Africa, you will have to return.

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Dawid is a passionate and adventurous traveller, who has led overland safari’s for more than seven years to destinations such as South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Madagascar.

He has even spent two minutes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These details you can get from him around the campfire.
+27 (0) 83 538 2865

Johan is a professional businessman and tour operator with over 30 years’ experience in the motor trade, eco tourism, adventure and other relevant industries.

Johan’s passion for travelling and adventure has taken him accross southern and East Africa in 4x4 vehicles and on motorcycles. +27 (0) 83 305 8083
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